From Japan to EML2

EQUULEUS (EQUilibriUm Lunar-Earth point 6U Spacecraft) is a deep-space 6U spacecraft that will demonstrate low-energy trajectory control technologies by cruising to the Earth-Moon libration point 2.


Introduction to DELPHINUS camera system

Hello, I’m Ryota Fuse, a 1st-year graduate student in charge of the mission camera system named DELPHINUS (DLP). DLP is a visible monochromatic camera onboard EQUULEUS that observes Lunar impact flashes from space (Earth-Moon Lagrangian L2 halo orbit). DLP can capture an image of the Moon and the Earth in a visible wavelength that is almost the same as human naked eye’s sensitivity. Figure 1 shows DLP (EM model) which was developed recently.… Read more “Introduction to DELPHINUS camera system”

The selfie of the Earth

Hello. I’m Kazuo Yoshioka, a member of the EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) camera named PHOENIX.

Have you ever thought about the environment surrounding the Earth where you live? Around the earth, the plasmas (ionic hydrogen, helium, etc.) originated from the earth’s atmosphere surround the earth itself. Here, the atmosphere trying to escape to outer space are trapped by Earth’s gravity and magnetic field.… Read more “The selfie of the Earth”